Stay in the sun when the sunshine is gone, and you will find that the sunshine lives within you.



We encourage those that are experiencing thoughts of suicide to talk. To reach out. To tell someone. But ARE YOU LISTENING?


Learning Suicide Intervention Skills helps to recognise the importance of listening. Everyone has a story - we just need to be prepared to hear it and to take it seriously.


We have produced two SUICIDE PREVENTION AWARENESS videos as part of our I AM LISTENING campaign. Which can be viewed by CLICKING the image to the left.


To support our campaign please;

  • watch the films and share them.

  • purchase one of our  'I am Listening' wristbands

  • post a photo to social media and our Twitter and Facebook page wearing the wristband with the hashtag #IamListening #SuicidePrevention #SuicideAwareness @GlosSunflowers

  • let others know that you are willing to listen if they are struggling

Thank you to BM Consultancy for producing these films for us.

Hope Notes

We have just recently launched our 'Hope Notes' campaign. The idea is that encouraging and uplifitng notes are left in prominent places with contact details of organisations who can help in a crisis.


🌻September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. For the month of September we are asking local Gloucestershire schools, bars and businesses to stand up and say #IAmListening by printing their own ‘Hope Note’ and putting it on display somewhere on your premises. The toilets may be a good place? 


Click on the image to the left for ideas of quotes you could add and to download our templates.


We would then love to hear any feedback on the impact it has had.


🌻 Help Us by playing your part..... we can all work together to create a caring community where nobody needs to feel alone.



We have now launched our 'KINDNESS ROCKS' Campaign which is mostly aimed at children.


All you need to do is;
🌻Find a pebble or rock
🌻Get some acrylic paint (or acrylic paint pens if you have them are better) permanent markers also work!!! And create a design
🌻 Add a kind word or a kindness quote 
🌻 Varnish them and let dry

🌻Hide them around your neighbourhood for others to find 🌻🌻


Adults if you could;
🌻 Write on the back #KindnessRocks @glos.sunflowers
🌻Open a discussion with your kids about #KindNessRocks to spread the messages far and wide how important it is to be kind ❤️❤️❤️

Rock painting is very therapeutic for adults too if you fancy a go 😃😘


Please keep an eye out for these little bits of kindness around the area. If you find one, post a photo with it to our social media accounts @GlosSunflowers stating the kind word on the back.

Lets sprinkle kindness like glitter wherever we go. After all #KINDNESS ROCKS!!

Get Creative online

To see our online Creative Mindfulness Sessions CLICK HERE


To download our 'and breathe' mindfulness booklet CLICK HERE