Stay in the sun when the sunshine is gone, and you will find that the sunshine lives within you.

and BREATHE ...... 

Creative Mindfulness Booklet

With thanks to the Notgrove Trust, we have been working on a creative mindfulness booklet called:

‘And Breathe….’


We hope that this booklet will be a useful resource allowing you to take some time to yourself to just 'breathe'.


Before starting on your creative mindfulness journey spend some time trying to relax and breathe.


Read the tasks and allow your creative juices to flow. 


Focusing your mind on the task at hand and allow yourself the time to explore, write down, draw and let go of your feelings and emotions.


Most of all feel free to take the time for yourselves without any guilt and focus for a while.


We have worked hard to make it a resource which is inclusive for all ages and both sexes. This has been quite challenging, but hopefully we have achieved our aim. We would appreciate any feedback from you on ways in which we can improve it.


Please click here or on the image of the front cover to download the booklet.