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Charity Football Match: A Grand Success 

Looking back to June 10, 2023, we can't help but smile at the memory of our Charity Football Match. Organized by the Friends and Family of Stuart Paul Hallam, this event brought our community together at Lakeside Football Ground. The match between Whaddon Football Club and "Stupac Utd" was nothing short of thrilling. Whaddon ultimately clinched victory in a penalty shootout, but the true win was the sense of unity and purpose that enveloped the day. 

From delectable cakes to BBQ delights, raffle tickets, popcorn, a bouncy castle, and the lively DJ, it was a day to remember. The event wasn't just about fun; it raised an impressive £2,500, taking us a step closer to our mission. Looking back, we're excited to announce that plans are already in motion to host this extraordinary event again next year. 



As part of their ongoing fundraising events for Sunflowers we recently attended 'Bee Fest' at the Bumble Bee pub in Gloucester.  The event was run in conjunction with Michael Tucks Estate Agents and we were even treated to a fantastic performance by our friends at the Churchdown Male Voice Choir.  As well as raising much needed funds for the charity we were also able to meet many of our current service users and introduce ourselves to many people who had an interest in what we do as a charity.


Our fundraiser Fire Walk was a HUGE success earlier this month. After a false start in October due to bad weather, the event was rescheduled into November.


We were overwhelmed by the final amount from sign ups and fundraising and so grateful to our brave hot coal walkers! This event made close to £12k for Sunflowers and we are so grateful.



Our very own James has continued putting on live entertainment on at local village hall in Kings Stanley raising funds for Sunflowers and spreading awareness about the charity. All events have been sold out and a big success.

He has also being running regular quiz nights locally.

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Turning back to our Outreach and Awareness Update, we remember a poignant day from seven years ago. The loss of our dear Pete to suicide left our world shattered, with unanswered questions and an enduring 'why.' The pain and despair were immeasurable. 

Today, as we reflect, we renew our commitment to providing vital services to those affected by suicide. We remember Pete and all those we've lost, and we work tirelessly towards a future with fewer such losses. 


In retrospect, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Rotary Club of Cotswold Tyndale, which presented us with a generous donation of £1,200. Your support has been instrumental in enabling us to continue our vital work, offering support and solace to those bereaved by suicide. 

We recall Abbie's insightful talk, shedding light on the significance of Sunflowers and how crucial donations like this are in fulfilling our mission. Your support continues to be a beacon of hope. 

Our lovely group of volunteers raising money at the Big Bang Event at The Walls Club back in August.



On World Suicide Prevention Day, we came together at Abclift Farm in Arlingham. It was a day filled with reflection, remembrance, and a glimmer of hope that brightened our souls.

Nestled by the tranquil view of the River Severn, we gathered to honor those we've lost to the devastating grip of suicide. The serene backdrop of the river served as a poignant reminder of the need for hope, healing, and support.

In those moments of reflection, we remembered the lives that have been touched by suicide, and we felt a deep sense of solidarity with those who have endured the unimaginable. As we looked out at the river's gentle flow, we recognized the importance of creating a world where each life is valued, where compassion knows no bounds, and where the glimmer of light in even the darkest times reminds us that there is hope.

World Suicide Prevention Day served as a powerful reminder of the work we do at Sunflowers Suicide Support and the impact we aspire to make. It reaffirmed our commitment to providing vital services, support, and a sense of community for those affected by suicide.

In the reflection of that day, we found strength and determination to continue our mission, for it is in coming together that we can make a difference. As we remember this Glimmer of Light, we carry it with us into the future, knowing that together, we can create a world with greater awareness and support for those affected by suicide.


Our recent Summer "Storms Walk" in the enchanting Forest of Dean was nothing short of magical. Led by our dedicated trustee, Millie, we embarked on a journey through the mesmerizing sculpture trail, surrounded by nature's beauty.

Despite the gloomy weather leading up to the day, we were greeted by a delightful surprise. As we walked, the sun emerged, reminding us that even in the midst of life's storms, we can always find the sunshine.

We paused to savor a picnic lunch in the heart of the forest, sharing stories and forging new connections. It was a day filled with exploration, camaraderie, and the rejuvenating power of nature.

Curious about our next adventure? Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming walks and events. Join us as we continue to seek the sun in every journey we undertake.

For more details on our future walks and activities, feel free to get in touch with us. Your presence will make our next expedition all the more special.


We are filled with a sense of pride and gratitude for the incredible event that marked World Suicide Prevention Month. Our exhibition, held to commemorate this important month, was a true testament to the power of creativity, community, and raising awareness for mental well-being.

With great enthusiasm and a deep sense of purpose, we invited you to join us at our exhibition. Set against the backdrop of World Suicide Prevention Month, the event was a heartfelt tribute to the importance of mental well-being and the lives affected by suicide.

Our Sunflowers families poured their hearts and souls into creating incredible art that spoke volumes. Each piece was a unique expression of hope, resilience, and a commitment to spreading awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

In those moments when we gathered to appreciate the art, we were reminded that beauty and inspiration can emerge from even the most challenging experiences. The exhibition became a platform not only for artistic expression but also for the sharing of stories and the fostering of connections within our community.

We recognized that by coming together to appreciate the incredible art, we were shining a light on the importance of mental well-being during World Suicide Prevention Month. It was a moment of unity, compassion, and a promise to continue the journey of support, education, and advocacy for those affected by suicide.

Trustees Kath and Ian, along with volunteers Sarah and SJ, recently spent a fun afternoon at the Frampton Sheep Racing event where we were very fortunate to have a race being run in our honour.  We were able to engage with members of the local community, whilst raising money by selling Sunflowers donated by one of our supporters.


Making a Difference

Our dedicated volunteers are out there, spreading awareness about Sunflowers. As part of our ongoing relationship with Gloucestershire College, Ian and liaison team member Camilla were invited to attend their 'Freshers Day' on behalf of Sunflowers.

They were met with enthusiasm from both staff and students and were very impressed with the ongoing wellbeing measures being put in place by the college who are incredibly supportive of their students and staff. 

On this World Gratitude Day, we are especially thankful for each person who has supported Sunflowers Suicide Support. Your contributions help us shine a little bit of light in the darkest of times.

Our dedicated team members, Ian and Di, had the privilege of visiting Stroud SGS College to spread awareness about Sunflowers Suicide Support.

The response we received was nothing short of overwhelming. From the moment we set foot on campus, we were inundated with interest and enthusiasm from both the staff and the students. It was a heartwarming reminder that the need for support and awareness about mental health and suicide prevention is not limited to any one group. It touches us all, regardless of age or background.

Our team members, Ian and Di, had the opportunity to share our mission and the vital services we provide at Sunflowers. They spent the day talking to staff and pupils about the work Sunflowers does locally and had a great day. The eagerness and curiosity of the students and staff reinforced the importance of open conversations and education about mental health.

In looking back at this visit, we are reminded that it is through such interactions that we can make a difference. It is through the genuine interest and the willingness to learn and connect that we can create a world where mental well-being is a priority and support is readily available.

Sunflowers were also in attendance at the Hartpury College annual 'Wellfest' event where trustee Ian, and volunteer SJ, met with hundreds of students and staff members to discuss wellbeing and the work that Sunflowers does in Gloucestershire.  We had lots of interest, in an event attended by over 2000 'freshers', and are grateful for our invitation.


Meet Chelsie: A Dedicated Volunteer's Journey

In the pages of our journey, we introduced Chelsie, a dedicated volunteer at Sunflowers Suicide Support. Her story is one of passion and commitment. Chelsie not only shared her experience at the Cotswold Spring Fete but has also been actively involved in our various initiatives.

Her journey with Sunflowers has been rewarding, and her passion shines through her commitment to supporting the local community. We remember her words and appreciate her invaluable contributions.

In Retrospect: Book and Podcast Recommendations

As we look back, we recall Chelsie's book recommendation, "The Bridge" by Donna Lancaster, and the podcast recommendation, "Saturn Returns: The Power of Breathwork with Stuart Sandeman." These suggestions continue to be sources of inspiration and healing.

With gratitude and hope, we remember the past month and the beautiful stories, moments, and support that define our Sunflowers community. Thank you for being a part of our journey. As we continue moving forward, we do so with the strength of our shared commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by suicide.

Hello, I’m Chelsie, I’m one of the Volunteers at Sunflower Suicide Support, Dog Mum to Cody and lover of wellness, reading and Yoga.