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Grief Recovery

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Healing Hearts, Restoring Hope

Grief is a natural response to loss, but often, we're not equipped to navigate it. The Grief Recovery Method (GRM), an accredited program developed in the US, offers an educational approach to help individuals move beyond various types of loss and find a path to healing and recovery.

Adult Group Courses

Our Grief Recovery Courses are designed for individuals over 18 living in Gloucestershire who have been bereaved by suicide. In a supportive group setting of 4-12 people, you'll attend 8 sessions over 8 weeks, complete weekly tasks at home, and build positive relationships with peers.

While there is no charge to attend, it costs Sunflowers between £175 – £350 per person to run the course, so we ask for a full commitment to the 8-week course.

Helping Children With Loss

Loss is a part of life for children and teenagers, from leaving parents to changing schools or dealing with family issues.


Our Helping Children With Loss program aims to support adults in helping children cope with these losses. It's delivered as a 4-week course and encourages emotional resilience and open communication.

Booking Information

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We offer funded courses in 2023 for Gloucestershire residents bereaved by suicide. If you're outside our area, there may be a fee.

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Evidence based

Understanding the Grief Recovery Method

Loss comes in many forms, and the GRM recognizes that there are over 40 different types of losses that can trigger feelings of grief. This method is not therapy or counseling; it's an educational program that provides an actionable plan to work through unresolved grief and complex emotions associated with individual losses.

Key Concepts of the Grief Recovery Method

  • Grief Complexity: Grief is the conflicting emotions that arise from the end or change in a familiar pattern of behavior, even when the change is by choice.

  • Unique Responses: There are no universal reactions to grief; each person and relationship is unique.

  • Actions for Recovery: The Grief Recovery course involves a commitment to attend 8 sessions, complete "heart-work" at home, maintain confidentiality, and approach the process with an open mind.

What Does Recovery Mean?

Recovery means finding a new normal, where sad feelings are okay, talking about emotions is encouraged, fond memories no longer cause pain, and you gain skills to cope with loss directly.

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