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Sunflowers Suicide Liaison Service

At Sunflowers, we understand that the aftermath of a suspected suicide is an incredibly confusing and distressing time for families. We are here to offer personalised and bespoke support through our Suicide Liaison Service.

Sunflowers offers a dedicated Suicide Liaison Service to directly support individuals and families bereaved by suicide in Gloucestershire.


Here's what we provide:

Initial Meeting: We meet with you to discuss your unique needs and circumstances.

Dedicated Suicide Liaison Officer: You will be assigned a dedicated liaison officer to work closely with your family.


Tailored Ongoing Support: We offer ongoing support via telephone, face-to-face meetings, or email,

   based on your preferences.

Practical Assistance: We provide practical help during the first year post-loss.

• Regular Contact: Our assigned Suicide Liaison Officer maintains regular contact with you for up to a year.

• Holistic Approach: We assess your needs comprehensively, considering all aspects of your well-being.

• Access to Additional Services: We help you access services outside our scope, including referrals to

  other agencies when needed.

• 1-2-1 Counselling: We can connect you with trained professionals for emotional support.

• Befriender Support: Our trained befrienders offer peer support, walking alongside you during your journey.


Accessing Support:

We accept self-referrals and referrals from external organisations. Our team aims to make contact within 72 hours to acknowledge receipt of the referral. An initial meeting will be scheduled within 7 days or at your earliest convenience to assess your current needs.

Our flexible and welcoming approach ensures that the level of support you receive is tailored to your specific needs.


What Our Team Does:

Our liaison team and dedicated volunteers:

• Conduct research and provide families with vital information.

• Network with other organizations to offer additional advice or help.

• Coordinate a team of trained befrienders for one-on-one peer support.

• Advise families about additional bereavement support within Sunflowers.

• Ensure a smooth transition to additional support when families are ready.

Examples of Support:

Our Liaison Officer has assisted Sunflowers Families in various ways, including:

1. Providing practical advice about the inquest process.

2. Maintaining regular communication with the coroner's office to obtain

    updates for next of kin.

3. Engaging with agencies regarding personal belongings of the deceased.

4. Connecting families with organizations for advice on wills, probate, and legal matters.

5. Assisting with documentation for banking or other requests.

6. Aiding in obtaining information for funeral funding.

7. Assisting with communication with housing agencies.

8. Offering guidance and signposting on notifying relevant parties after the


9. Referring families to other support agencies.

Access Support Now

If you need support or would like to refer someone, please complete our referral form here.

For further information, please call us at 01453 826990 or email us at

We are here to support you through this challenging time.


Funded by Barnwood Trust and The National Lottery Community Fund

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