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Our Story

"Sunflowers is founded by people who know the pain and trauma of losing a loved one to suicide. We aim to offer support to others who are bereaved or affected by suicide."

Our Founding

Sunflowers Suicide Support is a registered charity, established in 2018 under Charity Number 1177266. Our journey began in memory of Pete Morris, who tragically took his own life in September 2016 at just 29 years old. The Morris Family, after experiencing the profound impact of suicide, identified significant gaps in support and understanding. They founded Sunflowers with a clear mission: to bridge these service gaps with person-centered care.

Our Holistic Approach

Sunflowers Suicide Support offers a range of trauma-informed interventions, catering to the holistic needs of children, young people, and adults bereaved and affected by suicide. We are dedicated to ensuring that our service users receive effective, wrap-around care that nurtures healing and recovery.

Pete's Story

Pete Morris, despite not having a history of mental illness, faced personal struggles after a recent relationship breakdown. He was a charismatic artist with a contagious sense of humour, set to embark on a journey to become a primary school teacher. Pete's sudden suicide shocked everyone who knew him. His family and friends were left grappling with grief and confusion, searching for support that was often difficult to find.

A Note from the Morris Family

"Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined Pete could contemplate doing this, and every day our reality continues to shock us. Suicide Loss is a lonely and confusing journey which many have no understanding of. We didn't know where to turn or where support would come from. We were catapulted into coping with pain, trauma, and confusion while navigating case reviews and coroner's court. After all this was done, all that's left is a huge gaping hole and pieces of our lives that we needed to try to put back together."

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement: To reduce the number of people in Gloucestershire who take their own lives and be a provision of support for those bereaved through suicide.

Vision: For there to be the best possible environment in Gloucestershire where people live, prosper, and are kept safe from suicide, its harms, and wider impact.



We are proud members of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance and the Support after Suicide Partnership, united in our commitment to preventing suicide and providing support to those who need it most.


Understanding the Impact of Suicide

At Sunflowers, we recognise that the effects of suicide ripple far beyond the individual. For every person who dies by suicide, on average, an astonishing 135 people are affected, with 1 in 5 of them experiencing severe consequences. Friends and relatives of those who die by suicide face a 1 in 10 risk of making a suicide attempt themselves after their loss. Research underscores that suicide bereavement is associated with adverse mental health outcomes, including depression, psychiatric admissions, and suicide attempts.

In 2021, we witnessed 82 new referrals seeking our support, highlighting the urgent need for our services. By 2022, this number had risen to 181 inquiries for support.

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